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Most private networks within the enterprise sector today is either obsolete or has seen apparent neglect, hence most of these telecommunications infrastructure needs a total overhaul so as to bring the network up to international standard.
Many are operating below capacity required. FtpS has wireless solution aimed at addressing many of the challenges. We have experience in various legacy and latest technologies including the 3G, LTE and Wifi.
Our different solutions are usually proposed within our capability to transform even the ailing network of Enterprise Corporation.
. Radio Network roll out
. Redesign/ Revamp / Modernization and Optimization of existing Radio network
. Distributed Antenna System
. Frequency scanning
. Radio network audit and
. Drive Test and Network optimization

The strategy we employed in the deployment of modern private radio network caters for vital enterprise information transfer and its management, with the advantage of providing convenient full-service coverage at no additional cost except the initial investment.