IP CCTV/ Video Surveillance

Our Video Surveillance solution provides a cost efficient solution ensuring security of targeted infrastructures.
Depending on need we can scale our design to cater for Homes, Schools, Campuses; Retail shops and chain stores. We also have solution for cities and metropolis.
 Our design takes into  consideration all loopholes and we make provision for redundancies where necessary, where there are multiple user, hierarchical rights management and multi-level required control can be implemented to monitor and access video storage facilities.
  • Intelligent analysis platform for the retrieval of large scale video data 
  • Alarm and early warning systems
  • Digital video processing with its intuitive, easy storage, retrieval and sharing features,   
  • Smart Solution for homes, office and large factory  equipped with exquisite monitoring and automation; multi-room audio-visual entertainment; lighting and access control which gives our customers an assurance of a comprehensive security system.